17th International Push Hands Meeting

The 17th International Push Hands Meeting will take place in Hannover (Germany) from April, 19th to April, 23rd 2017.

The 17th International Push Hands Meeting is a 5-day exchange meeting independent of styles. The idea of a cordial, professional and international gathering is its main feature. No styles or approaches are privileged, it is rather the pleasure of learning and practising together, which creates the special atmosphere of this meeting.


Push Hands Workshops with teachers form all over Europe and free Pushing Hands

The weel-tried schedule of the last years will be retained. The mornings (10 am to 1 pm) will be filled with workshops. The afternoons (3 pm to 6 pm) will be dedicated to free Pushing Hands. Moreover, there will be an introduction for beginners every afternoon and a special area for soft pushing.

The teachers of the meeting and their programme will be posted on the homepage as soon as their attendance is confirmed. The congress language of the meeting will be English, but – if necessary – a German translation of the central points of teaching can be arranged.

NEW – continuous Beginners’ Programme: Push Hands? – Just try it!

Push Hands (Tui Shou) means feeling or hitting hands and it is one of the most important partner exercises of Taijiquan. Depending on the individual approach it can represent an opportunity to practise the basic principles in respectful partnerwork, a possibility to try out one’s limits, a technique of non-verbal communication (hearing by feeling) or a transition from form work to free fighting.

For all of you who are interested in Push Hands but never had the chance to get a basic introduction into the partnerwork of Push Hands, there will be a special 5-days course for beginners in the mornings.

If possible, you can bring along your (future) training partner to learn some of the central basic exercises together. This will make training at home much more efficient. If you want to attend on your own, a partner will be found on the spot; during the workshop the partners will be changed regularly anyway.

Prices and registration

Whole Meeting (5 days): 300 Euros
Single Days: 60 Euros
Exception: Saturday 80 Euros (Gala, Party and Buffet included)

If you register and pay before the end of 2016 you will get a 10% early bird discount.

We ask for your understanding that in principle only full days can be booked. Half days can only be booked in connection with at least another full day.

For questions concerning the meeting and/or the registration please visit http://en.push-hands.de

Videotrailer of the last Push Hands Meeting