Survey on Tai Chi and mental health 

Survey on Tai Chi and mental health

Jake Perry, a fellow Tai Chi practitioner, is currently conducting a research project exploring how differences in Tai Chi practice relate to beneficial mental health outcomes. He is looking for Tai Chi practitioners who are willing to answer some questions. The survey is part of his research work for a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts (US).

Research perspective: Tai Chi as a martial art

Survey on Tai Chi and mental health

Right now, western science often treats Tai Chi as a single entity that only focuses on individual practice. This means that rather than accounting for the various aspects of Tai Chi practice such as: the qualities of different styles, the inclusion of push hands or weapons, or the presence of martial intent, medical science currently over-simplifies Tai Chi. It treats it as a singular exercise, and by doing so, potentially eliminates much of the richness that makes Tai Chi a truly beautiful martial art. This study intends to gather data that explores the importance of retaining these specific qualities of Tai Chi practice. Using an electronic survey, the study will measure how specific aspects of Tai Chi including practicing the individual form, practicing push hands, and performing techniques with martial intent relate to mental health outcomes. In doing so, I hope to potentially support the importance of adopting Tai Chi in its entirety when used by science to support physical and mental health, and to retain the richness that contributes towards the incredible benefits Tai Chi can provide its practitioners.

Call for participation

Please support Jake concerning the necessary task of gathering the aforementioned information by participating in the survey and encouraging your Tai Chi friends to do the same. The survey contains 109 multiple choice questions and will take roughly 15 minutes to complete. All participants will have access to the results of this study upon its completion. 

Tai Chi survey – link and contact 

The survey can be found through the following link:

If you have any questions about the study, Jake may be contacted via email: