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Sources of medical research about Qigong and Healing

The difficulty for all people interested in Qigong research is that with Qigong being a exercise system aimed at overall health the articles are scattered over different research areas. The question thus is: Where to start? Research conducted at university institutes is regularly published in respective scientific or professional journals, […]

The landscape of Qigong research

Qigong and healing part 5 – The landscape of Qigong research Multiple interests determine the research landscape and research opportunities for scientists interested in Qigong research. Multiplicity of fields of research The multiplicity and often also the heterogeneity of the landscape of Qigong research is a challenge for Qigong practitioners eating […]


Qigong research – meta-studies

Qigong and healing part 4 – Qigong research – meta-studies Apart from single test series (randomized controlled trials) Qigong research mainly consists of meta-studies and reviews. This text deals with their function and their typical findings. Meta-studies and reviews Contrary to what its name may indicate, meta-studies are not per se […]