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Taiji Forum started as a sister project of the biggest German web resource for the Chinese arts.
Today, it is one of the most constantly growing English resources for Taijiquan and Qigong in the web, thanks to a small group of practitioners who started practising in an analogous world of books and tapes and made it their goal to bring the Chinese arts into the digital age. After years of organic growth, the website as you see it today is a product of the work of many different people. Thus, over a period of time and with combined efforts, our small universe of the Chinese arts was born, which reflects the animated development of the Chinese movement, healing and martial arts in Europe and beyond. And the universe is yet expanding…

You are welcome to join us on our journey to unknown stars! Have fun on our page! We would also be happy to greet you face to face at the International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover (Germany), our inofficial “Taiji family meeting”! Why not join us?

Meet the Taiji Forum team

We are experts in the Chinese arts and our motivation is the joy that lies in practising them as living arts! We practise the Chinese movement, healing and martial arts as a living culture – sharing our insights with open hearts and free spirits. It is our mission to test traditional knowledge against practical and scientific research with the goal of enriching the arts, making them relevant for people living in the 21st century. Working together on Taiji Forum, we combine the heritage of our styles, our knowledge and our imagination, making original approaches accessible for everyone. For us, that is doing our bit to develop the arts.

Nils Klug, Tai Chi Studio
Taijiquan, martial arts, Push Hands

Gabi Kannenberg, Tai Chi Studio
Taijiquan, theory/thought systems, sword fencing
(texts, translations, graphics)

Tina Faulkner Elders, Ruyi School
Qigong, Taijiquan

We run this site on a voluntary basis and pay for all entailing costs by ourselves. Thus, the technical support by Zoltan Kiss is all the more invaluable for our work – a big warm thank you for the generous dedication, for your time and for your expertise over many, many years!

What are we up to? – Our current projects

Welcome to the Taiji Forum Qigong weeks!


Overview of all postings of our Taiji Forum Qigong Weeks.

Taijiquan and Qigong Videos

We currently produce new Tai Chi and Qigong videos on a weekly basis. As we usually also provide articles with additional information, you can choose your way of access: via our Website (read the article with embedded video) or via YouTube (watch the video and click the link in the description for additional informations).

Tai Chi and Qigong Videos and article series

Tai Chi Aspects

Our current “pipelines” are:

martialmonday – Push Hands and applications with Nils [currently paused]

wellnesswednesday – new Qigong exercises with Tsui [currently paused]

Tai Chi AspectsAspects to deepen your Tai Chi form Practice with Nils [currently paused]

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Tai Chi Videos – Nils Klug Channel

You can find our English Tai Chi videos on Nils’ channel, along with all our videos in German. Almost 500 videos from the world of Chinese arts at your disposal – forms, Qigong exercises, Tai Chi applications,…

Qigong Videos – Qigong Exercises Channel

Our English Qigong Videos now have their own separate channel. Over 80 videos for you to move along! We even have a special Qigong beginners’ course – We hope to „see“ you there!

YouTube Extra Tipp

Virtually all our videos are accompanied by written instructions. Just click on the link in the description below the YouTube videos to get more out of your practice!

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Yeah, we did it! – Recently completed projects

Tai Chi at home – learn the new Tai Chi 8 form with Nils!

As a small movement system of its own, the 8 form is the easiest gateway to train the Tai Chi Aspects – be it as a newbie to Tai Chi for health and well being or as a practitioner of a different martial arts style. The 8 form does not take much space, so you can train it at home – and it is great fun, too!

What will the future bring? – Coming up next

philosophicalfriday – We will continue our Cheng Man Ching project with a series on Tai Chi sword by Ken van Sickle. (The German site will simultaneously feature Gabi’s translation of Ken‘s book into German).

Please note: During the publication of the series Cheng Man Ching’s Tai Chi System, the publication of further parts of Ken’s book Tai Chi Sword will pause for 9 weeks until the beginning of July!

Introductory Thoughts - Tai Chi Sword

We proudly present – Taiji Forum Classics: Original articles and in-depth series

Throughout our work, we are committed to critical research and a scientific mind-set. Though this commitment does not necessarily shine through in every step on our way (sometimes, it has to be about the fun as well, hasn’t it…), here are some articles which we think highlight our approach. Criticising without devaluating and searching for historical truth without forgetting the inspirational power of a good story is sometimes a very fine line. We like to walk this tight rope from time to time!

Cheng Man Ching Series

Cheng Man Ching Series

Qigong Healing Series

Qigong Healing Series

The Taiji Forum “Archives”

Ten years ago, we started this journey as “Taiji Europa” – with the aim to promote and showcase the Chinese arts as they are practised today all over Europe. The small project soon became a big one, a unique knowledge base for practitioners and teachers with many articles and subjects. Though it is a lot of work, we decided to keep the information online for the benefit of the community. Today, we host a total of about 500 English articles and about 700 articles on our German sister page. Together, they form a colourful mosaic, its main subjects being Chinese movement, healing and martial arts, Chinese philosophy and calligraphy.

Tips to search and navigate our site

If you are searching for something in particular, just use the search option on the page. If you just want to browse and are interested in a certain subject, you might begin with the tag cloud as a starting point! The tag cloud will also lead you to our newest content relating to your chosen subject.

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