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Tai Chi Exercise for Senior

Tai Chi Exercise for Senior by William C C Chen

The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan is the perfect callisthenic for today’s seniors. The relaxed and unhurried movements help alleviate nervous and muscular tension. Tai Chi Chuan lubricates joints and promotes automatic body alignment for better control of balance, helping to prevent the instability that can lead […]

The future of Tai Chi

Ken van Sickle on Cheng Man Ching Part V – The future of Tai Chi The future of Tai Chi, the styles, Tai Chi sword and the Dao Asked about his vision for the development of Tai Chi and about the developments he would like to be continued in the future, Ken […]

Beginning’s of Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi in New York

Part IV – The second generation and the beginning’s of Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi in New York In the 4th part of the interview, Ken van Sickle talks about some students of Cheng Man Ching, the “second generation”, especially about two of the older students who studied with him […]

Tai Chi goals

Tai Chi goals: What to get from a master and the unique quality of push hands Speaking about the students in New York, especially with a view to the so-called “earlier six” and “later six”, Ken points out that they were different kinds and types of people who learned from […]

Slow motion of Tai Chi Chuan by William C. C. Chen

Tai Chi Chuan, literally meaning “Grand Ultimate Fist,” is one of the most sophisticated Chinese fighting arts. It is a masterpiece of neurophysiology as the brain connects with the fighting devices of the fingers and the toes for punches and kicks. The desire force of Yi毅(力) in the brain amplifies […]

Feedback Push Hands Meeting 2017

My Tai Chi Journey to Hannover – Feedback by Yang Yun-Zhong Director of the Institute of Chinese Taiji-Wisdom 16.5.2017, Hongkong From April, 19th to April, 21st 2017 I have been a guest teacher for a three-day workshop at the 17th International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover. Concerning the participation at […]