Tai Chi stepping rule 3

Tai Chi stepping rule 3

Tai Chi stepping rule 3 – Aim for agility

Rule 3 – Aim for agility

Choose small steps and a narrow stance to switch your body weight (and your active leg, i.e. the leg you want to base your next move on) with ease!

This rule of Tai Chi stepping is best demonstrated with Tai Chi boxing: Here, one can see that a comparatively narrow stance allows for free hip rotation – which in turn allows to adapt your reach to your moving opponent without further steps needed in between.

Video Tai Chi stepping rule 3

However: punching is optional. – This more agile stance of Tai Chi works just as well in Push Hands and while practising Tai Chi partner forms!

Also in daily life, this way of stepping will prove advantageous, whether you have to wriggle through a dense crowd on the subway or feel challenged by a narrow path on a hiking adventure.

Have fun moving around Tai Chi style!

Author: Gabi Kannenberg
Images: Nils Klug and Taiji Forum
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