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Hannover Push Hands Meeting 2019

Impressions from the Hannover Push Hands Meeting 2019 This was my first but certainly not last time at the annual Push Hands Meeting in Hannover. I came with “an empty cup”, not knowing what to expect. I´ m not a beginner in Tai Chi, that I have studied for 25 […]

Review Push Hands Meeting 2018

After ten years of practicing tai chi in my local school in Finland, I decided to find out what’s out there in the world. I googled for a while for tai chi events in Europe with the special aim at potential pushing hands seminars. That’s when I found it: International […]

The Yin and Yang of Aquavenice

Reviewed by Debbie Heaney, Tai Chi practitioner and teacher in Godalaming Surrey It’s 7am and I’m standing on a beach in the early morning sun doing chi gung with Master Faye Yip. A sense of calm falls over the group as we follow the flowing moves of the Ba Duan […]

Rencontres Jasnieres 2017

Every summer for the last thirty years there has been a tai chi get-together near Le Mans in Northern France. For this anniversary year the organisers arranged some special events, but on the whole the meeting has not changed since it began in 1987. The Rencontres Jasnieres (RJ) is organised […]

Feedback Push Hands Meeting 2017

My Tai Chi Journey to Hannover – Feedback by Yang Yun-Zhong Director of the Institute of Chinese Taiji-Wisdom 16.5.2017, Hongkong From April, 19th to April, 21st 2017 I have been a guest teacher for a three-day workshop at the 17th International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover. Concerning the participation at […]

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West – A Review

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West – A Review

The documentary The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West by Barry Strugatz/Ken van Sickle can be warmly recommended. Both Barry Strugatz and Ken van Sickle are themselves practitioners of Taijiquan, the latter being a master Student of Cheng Man Ching himself – their documentary view is thus one from the inside. […]