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Introduction to Baguazhang Seminars

Introduction to the three Baguazhang Seminars at “YANGSHENG TAIJI FORUM 2017” Baguazhang is one of the three known Chinese Internal Martial Arts, and is the youngest one, since he was divulgated and diffused around 1850 in the Beijing and Tianjing area. The fighting ability of his founder, Dong Haiquan (1797-1882), […]

Tai Chi & Other Martial Arts in Bangkok

Discovering Tai Chi & Other Martial Arts in Bangkok Lumpini Park In the middle of Bangkok’s business district, surrounded by skyscrapers and a multi-laned network of main routes, sits Lumpini Park, the city’s best loved open space. Lacking the sterility and dearth of shade which characterises many of Asia’s parks, […]

Dai Shi Xin Yi Liu He Quan

戴氏心意六合拳 Dai Family Heart Mind Six Unions Martial Arts 1. Brief History The XinYi martial arts system was brought forth from Daoist society to the general public during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period by Chen Tuan陳摶, ancestral master of the Daoist Hua Shan Yin Xian Pai 華山隱仙派 (Flower […]


Xingyiquan Videos Xingyiquan is one of the main systems of Chinese Internal Arts. The art is noted for its apparent sharp, fierce movments and short quick stepping. Translated as Form and Intent Boxing it includes the use of Five Elemental Theory with five key techniques relating to the different elements. […]

Internal Martial Arts Meaning

A discourse on the meaning of the term, ‘Internal Martial Art’ Many responses are possible when people consider the martial aspect of Taijiquan: sometimes they prefer to avoid the subject, sometimes they reject it, and sometimes they take an overly romantic and exaggerated view. Most exponents and most teachers, if […]

Basics of Xingyiquan

Xinyiquan consist of a single standing posture and five movements The core practices of Xinyiquan consist of a single standing posture and five movements. At first glance Xingyi can seem relatively simple in comparison to the intricate forms of Taijiquan or Baguazhang but in fact Xingyi is equally as long […]


An Introduction to Yiquan Yi Quan, like Tai Qi, Ba Gua and Xing Yi, is part of the Chinese Internal Martial Art family. This art was developed by renowned master Wang Xiangzhai in the 1920´s and first taught under the name Yi Quan (Will Boxing) in Shanghai. The Essence of […]

Interview on Baguazhang

Interview on Baguazhang with Andrea Falk Sifu Falk, you have a vast background in Chinese Traditional and Modern martial arts. Could you briefly present your different experiences and your teachers, and specifically in Baguazhang? I started in Shaolin in 1972 in Victoria, then Myjong Lawhorn with Alex Kwok, in Vancouver. […]

CIA (Chinese Internal Arts)

Baguazhang Xingyiquan Yiquan Liuhebafa The origin of the term ‘Internal’ with respect to the various Chinese Internal Arts is a subject of great debate. Generally the term ‘Neijia’ relates to ‘internal’ styles of martial arts, which relates to a system of ‘internal’ power as opposed to simply applying ‘external’ power […]