Xingyiquan Videos


Xingyiquan is one of the main systems of Chinese Internal Arts. The art is noted for its apparent sharp, fierce movments and short quick stepping. Translated as Form and Intent Boxing it includes the use of Five Elemental Theory with five key techniques relating to the different elements.

Tzuanquan or Drilling Fist relates to Water Element

Piquan or Cutting Fist relates to Metal Element

Paoquan or Cannon Fist relates to Fire

Pengquan or Crushing Fist relates to Wood

Hernquan or Crossing Fist Relates to Earth

The videos included here will help to give you a sense of the art.

Video 1 “Xingyiquan – Elements & Animals – Damo Mitchell”

Video 2 “Xingyiquan Form & Applications”

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson