Qigong at home for free

Qigong at home for free

Doing Qigong at home is a good way to stay active when forced to stay at home. It is also an uncomplicated way to recharge your batteries without having to leave your sitting room. Moving along with online Qigong videos may is a nice opportunity to learn something new – and to have some quality time on your own or with friends, if you cannot find a suitable teacher or a Qigong group in your neighbourhood.

Getting started

For Qigong at home, all you need is some comfortable clothes and some fluffy socks or soft shoes, so that your feet won’t get cold. In warm surroundings, you might even go for it barefooted. Maybe you want to create a special atmosphere with soft light, reduced sounds and some water or tea for hydration purposes.— However, if you should prefer to do your Qigong exercises in bright light, wearing a sports suit or a yoga outfit, the positive benefits of practicing will be the same. The most important thing is that you truly feel at home.

Qigong at home for free

Why not learn some Qigong at home for free?Qigong at home for free

Working together with Qigong teachers from different schools, we have made a YouTube channel full with beautiful Qigong exercises – subscribe to our channel, dive in and follow along! New videos will follow!

We also created some separate YouTube-playlists for some of the most popular Qigong sets, like the 8 Brocades and Five Element Qigong.

Up for something new? Watch our #wellnesswednesday, where Tsui shares her personal Qigong treasures!

Qigong at home for beginners

If you are totally new to Qigong and fell like needing a beginner’s course first – Tina‘s videos will be perfect for you!

Background information

If you would like to have some additional information about the sets or instructions: many videos are accompanied by complementing articles. Just click on the links in the description of the videos!

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