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BAGUA QI JING BA MAI – Bagua and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels Bagua and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels – Theory and practice of the Micro and Macro Cosmic Breathing applied practically to produce body connection and health. After breathing and walking the circle, the third step to create connection and unity […]


BAGUA ZOU ZHANG – Walking the Circle Walking the Circle – How this simple and very rich tool can change our muscles, tendons, essence and mind. Walking is an art itself and can bring every practice to a higher level. The first practice in Baguazhang – and by the way the […]

Introduction to Baguazhang Seminars

Introduction to the three Baguazhang Seminars at “YANGSHENG TAIJI FORUM 2017” Baguazhang is one of the three known Chinese Internal Martial Arts, and is the youngest one, since he was divulgated and diffused around 1850 in the Beijing and Tianjing area. The fighting ability of his founder, Dong Haiquan (1797-1882), […]

Luigi Zanini

Luigi Zanini, Ziran Neigong Quan Luigi Zanini is studying internal and external Martial Arts since almost 40 years, and is still involved in this process. He has been teaching Baguazhang and Neijia in Europe for 26 years now, and since three years Luigi Zanini is passing on the knowledge and the experience […]

Taiji Forum 2017 – Yangsheng – Care for Life

Taiji Forum Meeting 8th- 10th of September 2017 Qigong – TCM – Calligraphy – Taijiquan – I Ching – Bagua The 2nd Taiji Forum Meeting took place from September, 8th to September, 10th 2017 in Hannover, Germany. Thanks to all participants and teachers! Yangsheng Meeting 2018 See our new website […]

Ma Gui Bagua Zhang

An introduction to Ma Gui Bagua Zhang Many practitioners of taijiquan will be familiar with the common criticisms of the un-initiated. The conversation usually flows something like: “So, is this stuff just for health? No, it’s also a martial art. How can that be useful for fighting? Are you going […]

Interview on Baguazhang

Interview on Baguazhang with Andrea Falk Sifu Falk, you have a vast background in Chinese Traditional and Modern martial arts. Could you briefly present your different experiences and your teachers, and specifically in Baguazhang? I started in Shaolin in 1972 in Victoria, then Myjong Lawhorn with Alex Kwok, in Vancouver. […]


An Introduction to Baguazhang The Art of Baguazhang, or 8 Trigram Palm, is one of the most fascinating fighting arts in the world of Chinese Gong fu. It can be defined as the art of continuous change or transformation, and takes his name from the 8 directions, but goes beyond […]

CIA (Chinese Internal Arts)

Baguazhang Xingyiquan Yiquan Liuhebafa The origin of the term ‘Internal’ with respect to the various Chinese Internal Arts is a subject of great debate. Generally the term ‘Neijia’ relates to ‘internal’ styles of martial arts, which relates to a system of ‘internal’ power as opposed to simply applying ‘external’ power […]