Luigi Zanini

Luigi Zanini, Ziran Neigong Quan Luigi Zanini is studying internal and external Martial Arts since almost 40 years, and is still involved in this process. He has been teaching Baguazhang and Neijia in Europe for 26 years now, and since three years Continue reading Luigi Zanini

Ma Gui Bagua Zhang

An introduction to Ma Gui Bagua Zhang Many practitioners of taijiquan will be familiar with the common criticisms of the un-initiated. The conversation usually flows something like: “So, is this stuff just for health? No, it’s also a martial art. Continue reading Ma Gui Bagua Zhang


An Introduction to Baguazhang The Art of Baguazhang, or 8 Trigram Palm, is one of the most fascinating fighting arts in the world of Chinese Gong fu. It can be defined as the art of continuous change or transformation, and Continue reading Baguazhang