Luigi Zanini

Luigi Zanini, Ziran Neigong Quan

Luigi Zanini, Ziran Neigong Quan

Luigi Zanini is studying internal and external Martial Arts since almost 40 years, and is still involved in this process. He has been teaching Baguazhang and Neijia in Europe for 26 years now, and since three years Luigi Zanini is passing on the knowledge and the experience to my students. He likes to investigate and develop all aspects of practice, from practical fighting to meditation and personal evolution aspects. He had the chance to travel a lot and use 5 languages, so that he could exchange, practice and study with many people, from practitioners to masters. From every experience he got inspiration, example and working tools. Luigi Zanini graduated in TCM, Tuina and Qigong with the Nanjing Academy (China), studied Meditation in India and used them professionally. His experience also as Trainer, Coach and Journalist has been very useful in these fields. Today he dedicate himself to form Baguazhang Instructors, and preparing written material and videos for them. “Ziran Neigong Quan” is the name of his blog and of his school, quite a traditional home based structure, teaching one to one in the park and at major event for Martial and Healing Arts. Quality and passion are fundamental ingredients in his practice and teaching. Luigi Zanini lives in northern Italy, close to Venice.

Themes: Bagua Zou Zhang, Bagua Qigong, Bagua and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels


Bagua Zou Zhang: walking the Circle. How this simple and very rich tool can literally change our body, mind and essence. Walking is an art in itself and can bring every practice to a higher level.

Bagua Qigong: breathing using specific postures increases flexibility and resilience, adds quality to our daily routines. Especially useful for health and body care.

Bagua and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels: theory and practice of the Micro and Macro Cosmic Breathing applied practically to produce body connection and health.

I can teach and coach in: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish

Author: Luigi Zanini

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