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Professor Cheng Man Ching

Here you find articles around Professor Cheng Man Ching’s life and work. He was a poet, calligrapher, painter, martial arts practitioner, and a Chinese medical doctor. We will add articles and interviews on a regular base.

Cheng Man Ching

Cheng Man Ching Forum

Cheng Man Ching Forum

2nd European Cheng Man Ching Forum 31st July – 6th August 2004 in Hannover (Germany) The year 2000 saw the centenary of the birth of the late Professor Cheng Man Ching who was one of the most renowned exponents of taijiquan in the western world. Cheng originally studied with Yang […]

The relationship to Cheng Man Ching in New York

Were you still in touch with Professor Cheng Man Ching? Did you still meet him and how was your relationship? So when I was in New York I went to see him from time to time. Actually, at that time I was supposed to help him teaching, but then I […]

Grandmaster Cheng

Grandmaster Tai Chi Chuan

Grandmasters, Big Sisters and Elder Brothers As Taijiquan in the Cheng Man Ching tradition has gone beyond the traditional system of Baishi and formal acceptance into the “family” or the monastic community as a Tudi or disciple back in the 1960s, the honorable naming of elder teachers and students follows […]

Cheng Man Ching’s students on mastery

Cheng Man Ching’s direct students – the “second generation” if one sees Cheng Man Ching’s influence as determining a new approach – seem to follow this new tradition while continuing to adapt further to modernity. The Master as student and teacher Taken as an example out of the group of […]

The title of “Master” in the Tai Chi

The title of “Master” in the Tai Chi lineage following Cheng Man Ching Back in (historic) China, the terms used to formally address one’s Taijiquan teacher in the proper way depended on the actual student-teacher relationship. While the Chinese terms differ widely, in English language the use of “Master” became […]

William C.C. Chen

William C. C. Chen

My Autobiography 
William C. C. Chen My name is William C C Chen’ I am a disciple of Professor Cheng Man-ching (鄭曼青) who was known as a great grand master of Yang’s Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan. His five talents were: painting, calligraphy, poetry, Chinese medicine, and T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He […]

GM William C. C. Chen Moving from Taiwan to the US

How or why did you move from Taiwan to the United States? That is a long story. For example after I finished the Highschool, then I wanted to proceed to College and back then I was always looking for a chance to do that. Actually, after 1959, I was – […]