The spiritual force of Yi in Push Hands

The spiritual force of Yi in Push Hands

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Gudula’s workshop: The spiritual force of Yi in Push Hands

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We all have heard during our Tai Chi and Push Hands training that the Yi guides the Chi, which means that our energy follows our attention/focus. – But what does that mean exactly in Push Hands? We will explore different aspects of this spiritual force to better understand its nature and to be able to use it more precisely.

Gudula Motsch

In 1993, I began to study the short and long form of Cheng Man Ching with Ulla Fels – later, Daniel Grolle and Philip Domnik also introduced me to Push Hands. In 2009, I became interested in the Wudang style and shortly after that I became a student of Sifu Tian Liyang from the Wudang mountains in China. In his school in Wudangshan (China), I studied the Michuan Taiji (64 form) and since this time I regularly study with him at his workshops in Germany. In addition to many Qigong forms, I also learned Xingyi-Bagua – a mix of Bagua and Xingyi – from Sifu Tian Liyang.
Since 2003, until the beginning of the Covid pandemic, I was a regular guest at all relevant international push hands meetings, and in the course of the years my push hands got countless impulses due to my participation in many awesome workshops. Continue reading …