Qigong and healing

Qigong and healing part 1 – Subjective effects and scientific studies General health aspects and individual healing effects Qigong, working with the Qi (life energy), is commonly known as furthering overall health. – However, its underlying idea of Yangsheng – Continue reading Qigong and healing

New, free Qigong online course – Learn Qigong with Tina!

Learn Qigong Online

Learn Qigong Online Why not learn Qigong online? Taiji Forum will launch a new Qigong online course, which is completely free of charge. The course offers Qigong exercises videos with instructions which allow you to start practising right away. Fancy Continue reading New, free Qigong online course – Learn Qigong with Tina!


The shoulders joints along with the associated bones, muscles and ligaments play a very important roll in the practice of Qigong and in our day to day activities. The shoulder area can accumulate a great deal of tension. This results Continue reading SHOULDER ROLLS


This wrist rolling exercise is designed to loosen the wrist joints. The exercise helps to promote softness and flexibility through the wrists, but if performed correctly, the exercise will work on movement and softness along the whole length of the Continue reading WRIST ROLLS

Qigong for Beginners

Learn Qigong Online

Introduction to basic Qigong for beginners Easy to follow Qigong exercises for the complete beginner Why start Qigong? More about Qigong Basic Qigong for beginners – free videos & instructions Recommended reading on Qigong for beginners Easy to follow Qigong Continue reading Qigong for Beginners


BAGUA QIGONG – Breathing is the main gate to our nervous system Breathing using specific postures connects body and intention, increases flexibility and resilience, adds quality to our daily routines. Especially useful for health and body care. Breathing is the main Continue reading BAGUA QIGONG