WellnessWednesday 6 – Circle Qigong Wrists

WellnessWednesday 6 - Circle Qigong Wrists

Welcome back to #wellnesswednesday with Circle Qigong part 2!

Tsui‘s exercise for today is a simple exercise to mobilise the wrists. It is especially worth trying out if you do office work – at the keyboard or the mouse – or any crafts that involve your hands moving in a small range as in e.g. knitting or crocheting.

Wrist circling in two directions

Wellnesswednesday 6 - Circle Qigong WristsWe begin by making circles with the wrists. We want to make beautiful rounded circles, big ones – neither too tiny nor too narrow.

We may circle in both directions:
– From above outwards and then on the inside back up: The thumb is leading the wrist movement. Just imagine drawing circles in the air with it.

– Into the opposite direction: Now the pinky fingers lead the wrist movement. Draw the circle down on the inside and outwards up again.

After some initial experimenting, we may stop following our hands around with our eyes. We picture the circles before our inner eye while doing the movements, the gaze is unfocused, i.e. it goes into the distance.

When you got the hang of it, just two more points to check:

  1. The arms follow the movement of the finger wrists as much as necessary. The upper arms should not move too much as our focus is on the wrists.
  2. There should be some space between the upper arms and the ribcage to allow a good circulation.

Joint mobilisation and activation of the meridians

During the exercise, it is quite normal to hear your wrists working, especially if your body is not used to the movements. Sometimes your hands may become cold, when your body releases tension. – But we do not seek to produce these additional “audio effects” or any other sensation. This simple circling exercise is designed to activate the meridians in the arm region. The exercise itself and the circles is were the attention should go. The eventual byproducts do not matter.

If you have difficulties in making the circles big and round, do not force it.- It will come naturally with the practice. Just focus on a gentle fluid movement and listen to your body.

Have fun!

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