#WellnessWednesday Part 1 – free the head and strengthen the heart


#WellnessWednesday Part 1

Our new series #WellnessWednesday opens the door to the world of Chinese medicine and Qigong. We are looking forward to simple movement exercises and tips for nutrition and health between East and West with Tsui from Freiburg, Germany.

Simple Qigong exercises to free the head and strengthen the heart

In part 1, Tsui will show you some simple exercises to free the head and strengthen the heart.

Exercise 1: tapping the fingertips together to relieve the head
Remember to stand upright, but loose, or to sit actively. This allows you to activate the whole body.

Exercise 2: Pressing the fingertips together to strengthen the heart muscle
In this exercise the fingertips are each firmly placed on the matching finger of the other hand. Now we build up pressure – slowly, but firmly – and release. The pressure should be the same at each fingertip. If you got the hang of it, the recommended rhythm would be about two times per second.

Closing: consciously lead the fingertips together to one point.

The number of repetitions is not fixed. It is part of the exercise to gradually develop a feeling for one’s body.


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