#WellnessWednesday 2 – Cold fingers?

#WellnessWednesday 2 – 2 Qigong simple exercises

Cold fingers? This week, Tsui will show you an exercise to activate your circulation!

Exercise 1: Draw a big circle into the air and clench your fists

Raise your open hands in a wide circle high over your head. Let them sink on the central line in front of your body while clenching your fists. Then, your hands open up again while rising, the fingers stretching out, and the exercise begins again. Feel free to repeat this circle movement as often as necessary.

Exercise 2: Opening the hands and drawing back the fists toward the middle

Now we change the direction. Raise both hands on the central line in front of your body, gradually opening them up until the fingers are fully stretched out high above your head. Lead your hands downwards in a wide circle back to the middle – and clench your fists while doing so.

The number of repetitions is yours to choose. The secret of Qigong is regular movement. – It is better to integrate a few repetitions of some exercises into your daily life than to exercise only seldom, but then for a whole hour.

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