Tai Chi Sword by Kenneth van Sickle

Tai Chi Sword, Kenneth van Sickle

Next week, Taiji Forum will start publishing Ken van Sickle’s book Tai Chi Sword as a weekly series in our section #PhilosophicalFriday! Simultaneously, Gabi’s German translation will be published on our German sister page.

Tai Chi Sword – About the book

Tai Chi Sword, Kenneth van Sickle

Ken van Sickle’s book contains short, poetic parapgraphs about Tai Chi Sword, the Other, tradition, technique, mastery,… – in short: about life itself!
Tai Chi Sword has originally been published as a Taiji Europa project by Ronnie Robinson and Nils Klug in 2014. The author gave us his kind permission to republish it on the web.

Kenneth van Sickle – About the author

The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West – A Review

Kenneth van Sickle lives in New York. He has been a direct student of Cheng Man Ching. In the Tai Chi world, Ken is famous for his swordplay and his photographs of Cheng Man Ching – but also in the „real“ world beyond Chinese arts, he is a well-known photographer. The copies of his Cheng Man Ching photos are spread all over the internet – and he is known to always give the permission to use them for free. The reason is simple: Ken does not want to make money from spreading Tai Chi, which he sees as the mission given to him by his teacher. So, if you would like to support him and his work, a good way would be to order a print of his artwork. Just visit: https://www.kenvansickle.com

You might also want to check out the film on Cheng Man Ching’s Ken has made with Barry Strugatz: The Professor – Tai Chi’s Journey West. Click here for a review!

German Translation

If you would rather like to read the book in German, visit our German sister page for the first publication of the new translation!

Videos with Ken van Sickle