Cheng Man Ching Photographs

Cheng Man Ching Photographs

Cheng Man Ching Photographs

by Ken van Sickle

Kenneth van Sickle lives in New York. He has been a direct student of Cheng Man Ching. In the Tai Chi world, Ken is famous for his swordplay and his photographs of Cheng Man Ching – but also in the „real“ world beyond Chinese arts, he is a well-known photographer. The copies of his Cheng Man Ching photos are spread all over the internet – and he is known to always give the permission to use them for free. The reason is simple: Ken does not want to make money from spreading Tai Chi, which he sees as the mission given to him by his teacher. So, if you would like to support him and his work, a good way would be to order a print of his artwork. Just visit:

Ken van Sickle on Cheng Man Ching Part I – Studying with Cheng Man Ching

In this 5-part interview series, Ken van Sickle, photographer, Tai Chi Master and student of Cheng Man Ching in New York, talks about studying with Cheng Man Ching and his desire to capture Cheng Man Ching’s spirit of learning and developing in the movie “The Professor – Tai Chi’s Journey West”. Further points are the sense and non-sense of lineages, the crucial question of “what to get from a master?”, Tai Chi goals and finally the meaning of Tai Chi weapon training, especially concerning the sword as instrument of the Dao.

The interview was conducted in the context of his Tai Chi sword and fencing seminar in Hanover, Germany in summer 2017.

Galerie Cheng Man Ching Photographs by Ken van Sickle

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