PARALLELS – Tai Chi Sword 49

PARALLELS - Tai Chi Sword

PARALLELS – Tai Chi Sword

The sword may be moved

  • Like a wave, undulating then breaking, as in the 3 jumps.
  • Like an arrow, released with piercing energy, as in the 13 thrusts.
  • Like a lever, using the blade’s centre or the O’s blade as the fulcrum.
  • Like the snapping of the middle finger off the thumb, released with the added force of resistance, as in the “Block and Sweep” moves.
  • Like a whip, as in “Dragonfly Strikes Water” and “Swallow Strikes Mud”.
  • Like a whirlwind, as in “Wheels, Left and Right” and “Dragon Coils Round Pillar”.
  • Like an axe when striking to bones, as in “Pegasus, The Waterfall”.
  • Like a dog shakes off water, starting at centre, and spiralling out to the extremities.
Tai Chi Sword
THE GRIP – Tai Chi Sword

Grip the sword lightly and firmly as with a fly rod.

Feel the energy as with a bow on violin strings.

Thrust on a line as with the stroke of a pool cue.

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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