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Interview – Shi Ming

Stillness: The Mover & Shaker in Taiji Shi Ming is known as one of China’s preeminent taiji masters. He is a strict disciplinarian of the old school, inspiring his students to practice long hours in the park under all conditions, including the sub-zero temperatures of winter. He holds himself to […]

San Bao

San Bao / Three Treasures San Bao (traditional Chinese: 三寶, simplified Chinese: 三宝, pinyin: sānbǎo, Wade-Giles: san-pao, pronunciation (soundfile)) means „Three Treasures“. In Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the expression refers to Jing (essence), Qi (life energy) and Shen (spirit). Video “Calligraphy San Bao” Meaning of the Chinese characters „San“ […]


A Dantian (Chinese: 丹田, pinyin: dāntián, Wade-Giles: tan-t’ien‚ pronunciation) is a centre of Qi (life energy). The Dantian are central points of reference in Qigong, Neigong, Taoyin (Daoist Yoga), internal martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Depending on the art and the focus of the specific exercise, breathing techniques and/or […]


Qi (modernized Chinese: 气, traditional Chinese: 氣, pinyin: qì, Wade-Giles Ch’i, pronunciation (soundfile)) is the Chinese term for (life) energy, which is part of everything. It is present in the “10.000 things” as well as in living beings, in which it is associated with breath and bodily functions. As a traditional […]


What is Qigong (Chi Kung)? Qigong – also sometimes written Chi Kung/Chi Gung, Qi Gong – is a Chinese movement and meditation system. Its sets (sequences of exercises) can partly be traced back about 1000 years, but the term „Qigong“ as a generic term for health and strengthening exercises was […]

Taijiquan Classics

A little beneath the surface of the Taiji Quan Classics Here you can find a translation of the Taijiquan Classics. Dr. Tao Ping Siang translated the Taijiquan Classics into English for his Western students. The first book, including the Chinese original texts, was published in Taiwan 1966. I had the […]

Qigong overview

Qigong (Chi Kung) – A Comprehensive Overview 10,000 Qigong methodsThe MapThe Roots and Traditions of QigongThe Roots Legendary or ancient – Historic – ContemporaryThe TraditionFitness and HealthMedical QigongDaoist QigongBuddhist QigongMartial QigongThe Body in QigongDynamic, Form and Focus in QigongThe Dynamic of Qigong Quiescent – Dynamic  – VigorousThe FormSpontaneous or Formless […]