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Transcendence – SOME THOUGHTS

Transcendence Tai Chi Sword
  • The Chinese double-edged sword (Jian) can be an instrument of transcendence. According to the Tarot the sword represents action and process, it separates and discerns, it passes barriers.
  • Fencing presents new opportunities and new challenges. There is a great deal of charge in a sword and one cannot ignore the fact that it is a weapon. Some people have difficulty taming this charge and are not able to relax with the sword. They will require patience.
  • We may think of the sword as a ruler that measures your ability to be relaxed, to extend your chi, and to fine-tune your sensitivity.
  • Using a sword in the Tai Chi way will enhance your relationship with any instrument, be it a shovel, a brush, or a violin.
  • Accuracy comes from doing the form and fencing with consistency in mind.
  • Rhythm comes from practising with evenness of movement, simultaneity of action, and balance of Yin and Yang.
  • Stick to the O’s blade, but do not get stuck on it.
  • Know the O’s blade, but don’t try to control it.
  • The occasional use of a heavy sword will help you to move the sword on its energy lines, since moving it otherwise requires so much more effort.
  • Practice “Single Whip” footwork; it is useful for tight circling while fencing.
  • If you do not know an application for a move you will not understand the energy of the move.
  • The bowstring is Yin, soft and supple, yet when strung it connects and takes on the strength of the bow, becoming Yang. Similarly, our arms connect to our centre and acquire its strength.
  • A whip is Yin, soft and supple even as it is being wielded. Only, at the point that it achieves its energy alignment, (straightens out) does it become completely Yang and as hard as steel.

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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