FENCING – Tai Chi Sword 19


If we work with a favourite sword, without it we are lost.

If we adopt a favourite technique, our ‘Treasure’, one that we always win with, when the O figures it out, we not only lose our ‘advantage’ we will find ourselves at a disadvantage.

It is said in western sport fencing that “It’s all in the wrist”. With Tai Chi sword work “It’s all in the centre”.

Our sword will gain speed when we add our energy to the O’s energy.

While doing the Sword Form or fencing, differentiate between positive and negative (Yang and Yin). When sticking and neutralizing, Yin, when cutting or thrusting, Yang.

If we establish a rhythm and the O follows it, then we may change the speed, direction, or timing in order to achieve a cut.

FENCING - Tai Chi Sword
FENCING – Tai Chi Sword

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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