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Returning Tai Chi Sword

  • What we learn in Tai Chi has universal validity, that which comes at us, should be returned.
  • The cliché, “What goes around, comes around” is in perfect tune with Tai Chi.
  • Allow the O to be the victim of his own device.
  • Be willing to lose in order to gain.
  • Start left to go right, start up to go down, train slowly to acquire speed, etc.
  • We practise with our blade on the right side of the O’s blade as much as on the left.
  • Apparently Professor Cheng was amused by his American students. Master Ben Lo and several others told me that he didn’t laugh so much in Taiwan.
  • If we let our sword hand get within reach of the O we have invited him to contact it and for our sake, he must. We need the lesson.
  • Professor Cheng said: “We fence with our right hands, our hearts are too available when our left side is presented.” I submit that if you are left-handed, using the sword right-handed will help your ambidexterity. However, if you do want to fence left-handed then you can practise the form on both sides as well.
Returning Tai Chi Sword
Returning Tai Chi Sword

Author and Images: Ken van Sickle

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