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Taiji & Qigong Finger Exercises

In both Taijiquan and Qigong, the ideal is to create an energy flow through the whole body. Concerning the limbs this would mean from the feet to the hands — ideally to the very tips of the fingers. To achieve this, every practitioner has to get to know the structure […]


INSTRUCTIONS & VIDEO This finger stretching exercises helps to promote strength and flexibility through all of the fingers equally. As we dominate with one hand over the other in our daily activities and even ‘work’ some fingers over others, this exercise will encourage balance. Begin with feet apart and the […]

Interview William C C Chen

Tai Chi Fingers

Tai Chi Fingers as a Work of Art The slowness of Tai Chi Chuan gives me a clear, understandable signal and a better sense of the interior movements in my body‘s interior moves. There is a strong connection between fingers, big toes and inner thighs, all of which work together […]