#MartialMonday 3 – create leverage

#MartialMonday 3 - create leverage

#MartialMonday 3

The most famous hands-on approach in the Chinese martial arts world is push hands. Push hands exercises usually begin with both partners standing opposite each other while their hands are making contact. From there, different sets of movements may evolve.

The goal of our push hands practice is to enhance the flexibility of the body and to learn step by step to deal with pressure. As a method, push hands can be a preparation exercise for free fighting training as well as an exercise in body communication.

In both cases you will sooner or later find yourself stuck with a partner who does not want to move the way you want him or her to. If you meet this kind of resistance – in fighting, in push hands, in a daily life conversation: What will your reaction look like? Will you continue with double force on the same track or could you find another way? And would it not be beautiful if it was possible to do both at once?

Create Leverage

This week we worked on our push. The video shows how to create leverage to effect an indirect force – which makes your partner smile when s/he goes…