New, free Qigong online course – Learn Qigong with Tina!

Learn Qigong Online

Learn Qigong Online

New, free Qigong online course – Learn Qigong with Tina!

Why not learn Qigong online? Taiji Forum will launch a new Qigong online course, which is completely free of charge. The course offers Qigong exercises videos with instructions which allow you to start practising right away.

Fancy doing Qigong in the park? The free video exercises are accompanied by short explanatory articles, which allow you to dive deeper into the details of the exercises. Learning about the background may help you to repeat and memorize the movements, if you want to be able to do the exercises on your own, in remote nature or simply without being distracted by looking at an electronic device. If independent practice still sounds too complicated for you, you are free to stick with the videos and watch them as often as you like.

Learn Qigong at home with Tina

Learn Qigong at home

Some people are unable to find a suitable Qigong teacher in their area, others cannot leave their home due to family responsibilities. Some want to start practising Qigong for recovery, while others just feel uneasy working out in a group. – There are many good reasons to learn Qigong at home and that is why we decided to bring Qigong home to you.

Although we recommend studying with a teacher at some point, the idea behind this free online course is to make qualified Qigong teaching accessible to everyone without barriers. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Tina Faulkner Elders has volunteered to share her knowledge and her experience with you!

Tina graduated from Beijing Sports University in 1996 and continues her studies of Qigong and Taijiquan at the Wudang Daoist Wuji Gongfu Academy in the Wudang Mountains, which awarded her a teaching cooperation. Having 20 years of teaching experience, she teaches regular classes in her Ruyi School of Taijiquan and Qigong which also cooperates with Cancer Care Centres.

Tina will take you on a journey into the world of the Chinese movement art of Qigong. – Why don’t you join her and begin your days with a Qigong (morning) exercise in your living room?

Learn Qigong online for free – Online course contents

Learn Qigong online for free – Online course contents

Step by step, we will build up a complete online course. It will contain Qigong videos for beginners, simple exercises as well as some basic routines. The whole Qigong course will be free of charge. It will be accessible via YouTube and the Taiji Forum website, which means there are no costs involved and there is no requirement for you to provide any personal data or to subscribe to any newsletter or advertising circle. It is also no teaser for any paid stuff.

The online course will begin with loosening exercises for the joints and continue with simple exercises. Tina will lead you through the exercises, beginning with easy movements suitable for total beginners and gently increasing the complexity step by step, until you will be able to practise more complicated Qigong routines.

Future Qigong Youtube videos will cover Qigong basics. Tina will give an introduction into the fundamentals of Qigong, covering e.g. stands and body posture. She will show you the right way of moving and breathing and will give some tips on how to focus your mind during the exercises. This will allow you to get a first understanding of the coordination of movement, breath and mind which is characteristic for Qigong as an internal movement art.

The Qigong online course is accessible via our YouTube channel: Qigong exercises.

The accompanying articles can be found on our website: Qigong for Beginners, which also offers an overview of all Qigong video exercises.

The whole Qigong exercise programme is free and will stay free. The videos will be uploaded during the next weeks. – When completed, the video series will combine into a unique training programme for you to train at home, on the beach, in the woods, … – wherever you want to let your Qi flow!

Author: Taiji Form

Images: Tina Faulkner Elders & Taiji Forum