Yangsheng Meeting 2019 – Teacher line-up ready!

We are happy to announce the line-up of the teachers for this year’s meeting!

Yangsheng Meeting 2019 - Teacher line-up ready!

3 days to hike in the „high mountains“ – and your mountain guides will be…

Laura Stone and Sabine Weihrauch will be joining us from the Netherlands with Taijiquan, meditation and partner work.

Severino Maistrello will be coming all the way up from Italy to teach some foot massage techniques that to his knowledge were never taught in Germany before. – We are really excited!

Faye Yip from China who has been living and teaching in the UK for many years will introduce us to Health Qigong and the movement art of her family line.

Huang Tsui-Chuan, Taiwan/Freiburg, will share her passion for internal movement and connection with us in her Qigong workshops.

Henrik Jäger from Trier/Germany will dive with us into the philosophy of the Yijing – the Classic of Changes: What is a mountain? What does „high mountains“ mean? – Many questions to be asked and discussed!

Wang Ning from Frankfurt/Germany will be back teaching Chinese calligraphy. Get brush and paper ready for some new characters and many stories about their origin!
Ning will also be presenting his new works on „meditation“ in our exhibition. It will be the first exhibition in our newly renovated Studio. – Fingers crossed!

Hwang, Yi-Chun, Taiwan/Berlin, will be joining us again for Kungfu Cha: Excellent teas from Taiwan, a chat and smiling faces… – who would want to miss out on that? 🙂

We will the details of the programme and the registration will be online at the end of march after our short spring break… ????????????

Take care!

Meetings 2019

Yangsheng Meeting 2019

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