Wang Ning (Frankfurt a. Main, Germany) – Calligraphy

Ning’s life and work

Wang, Ning, CalligraphyNing is a Calligrapher, a seal cutter, a translator and a Taijiquan teacher. He studied German literature and linguistics in Beijing and is living in Germany since the end of the 80s. Due to his course of life, he is able to build bridges between Chinese and Western thought and feeling. His introduction into the (philosophical) basis of the Chinese movement arts does not consist of dry theoretical lectures: Ning retraces the concepts, which express themselves in images that are hidden in the characters of Chinese writing. Their interpretation guides us onto a fascinating trail leading through Chinese cultural history. Surprisingly, this approach often unearthes a different meaning than that which is transported in the translations and equivalences commonly used in the occident.

Ning’s theme for YSM 2018: Flowing ink – Chinese Calligraphy

Flowing ink – Chinese CalligraphyChinese calligraphy as a meditation and movement art sharpens our senses and raises our awareness. Starting with the characters Yi Xin Gong (One Heart Work), the participants will get an insight into the world of the writing art. Leading the brush, we can learn to experience the unity of body and mind.
Building upon a poem composed to capture the flow of writing of the three characters mentioned above, we will dive into the world of calligraphy and go with the flow.

! Consecutive Workshop!
Due to limited available seats, please indicate your interest for this workshop on the registration form.

! Material needed!
Writing material can be purchased directly from Ning at the beginning of the workshop (costs: ). If you will need some, please also indicate on the form so that he can bring enough material with him. If you are already in to calligraphy, do not hesitate to bring your own brushes etc.!

Yangsheng Meeting 2018

Ning’s work

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