Tai Chi stepping Rule 4 – Keep connected to the ground

Keep connected to the ground

Keep connected to the ground – Tai Chi stepping Rule 4

Rule 4 – Keep connected to the ground

A continuous connection to the ground is the foundation of our moving forward. Grounding gives our movements stability.

How to achieve this permanent connection?

  • Instead of standing with locked joints or in an overly upright position, relax your body weight into your feet, slightly bending your lower three joints (ankle joint, knee and hip joint).
  • Relax your inner thigh muscles (Y shape) to allow your hip joints to move freely (open hip joints).
  • Now, you will feel your leg muscles working and may develop a feeling of “sitting” (bouncy feeling while standing): your lower Dantian is now connected to the ground (floor).

The easiest way to explore your connection to the ground is stepping forwards, like in the video.


👍🏼 To practise, you may use the seven star step pattern (like skating without skates) or just move forward freely. Remember to stay loose in your hip joints while stepping!

👉🏼 Tip for maintaining the connection while stepping: stay on the same level while stepping forwards. This means: do not press up against the floor while beginning the step and do not sink in while finishing the step. – Once you have mastered the connection, you may rise and fall while stepping as you like.

Have fun moving around Tai Chi style!

Author: Gabi Kannenberg
Images: Nils Klug and Taiji Forum
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