Impressions 17th International Push Hands Meeting

Barry McGinlay on the last Push Hands Meeting. This meeting was the first with a 5 day beginner workshop held by Barry McGinlay. He taught the early morning Qigong sessions, the 3 hour workshops in the morning plus introductions to free pushing hands in the afternoons.

17th International Push Hands Meeting group

Video “Impressions 17th International Push Hands Meeting”

18th Push Hands Meeting

The date for the 18th Push Hands Meeting in Hannover has now been fixed! From 11th – 15th of April 2017 you can look forward to the familiar format, comprising the programme for experienced practitioners together with regular options for beginners: at least one morning workshop, an introduction to free push hands and then an extra area for beginners and ‘soft pushers’ after the midday break.

We will publish the new programme as soon as it is done here. Take a look on or the Facebook page of the Meeting for more information.

Author: Taiji Forum

Images: Taiji Forum