Tai Chi stepping rule 2

Tai Chi stepping Rule 2

Tai Chi stepping Rule 2 – Never fall into your steps

The more traditional / Chinese way of saying this would probably be: Step without stepping! So what does this mean in practice?

❌ Starting of quite decently, you fall into your step half way through it, or even just in the fraction of a second towards the end. – This means there is a moment where you do not control your own movement. You do not want to get pushed or hit in this moment, as your connection to the ground is weak, if there is one at all. Better to avoid these moments altogether:

✅ Always use the leg on the ground to control your step till the very last moment! – This enables you moreover to switch your weight smoothly after stepping down softly.

Video Tai Chi stepping Rule 2

👍🏼 And the biggest benefit on top of this: every single one of your steps becomes reversible at any time! – Because while working with a partner – even if they mean well: we never know… 😉

Have fun moving around Tai Chi style!

Author: Gabi Kannenberg
Images: Nils Klug and Taiji Forum
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