The way of the sword: Workshop offer for experience-oriented practitioners

sword workshop

You always wanted to try sword fencing, but the time was never right? To learn an elegant sword form has been on your bucker list for a long time, but you always hesitated? This autumn, there is an opportunity right for you!

Sword form and fencing in the Cheng Man Ching tradition with Nils Klug

The concept – Form and partner work as perfect complement
The common base of the workshops is the 64 sword form of the Yang style. You may learn, repeat or deepen your knowledge of the postures in the course.
Practical applications, simple contact exercises and an introduction into sword fencing build the second part of the workshop, which at the same time is a practical complement to the form work. The formless fencing and the parties of single postures of the form „in action“ with a partner will provide a balancing counterpart to the concentrated work on the choreography of the form.
Partner work is key to develop a feeling for the sword and its way of movement right form the beginning. The movements of the form are thus easier to memorise and may be learned having a lot of fun.

Sword form and Taijiquan in the tradition of Yang Chengfu / Cheng Man Ching

sword workshopThe sword form in the tradition of Yang Chengfu / Cheng Man Ching is known for its simple, elegant movements. The movements of the form are meditative and flowing, the 64 postures are functional – the speed of the movements results solely from their reduction to their underlying intention. Besides the single postures, the sword form also contains a constant way of movement, which prepares the practitioner for free fencing.

The essentials of Taijiquan in the tradition of Yang Chengfu / Cheng Man Ching are contained in the hand form, pushing hands and sword form. In this context, the sword is understood as an instrument. While learning to handle it, step by step, it also represents a tool for self-development as well as a means for a communicative exchange with others. The only requirements are an average bodily fitness and an openness to new experiences. Prior knowledge of Taijiquan or the specific style is not needed.

Practitioners of the Cheng Man Ching form may complete the course as a repetition or as part of their further teacher training. By request of the practitioners, didactical questions may take a spot in the workshop. It will also be possible to develop specific aspects in greater depth, if so wished.

The teacher

sword workshopNils Klug has been studying with William C.C. Chen and Dr. Tao Ping Siang, two students of Cheng Man Ching. He has been teaching in the Tai Chi Studio, his own school in Hanover, Germany, for over 25 years. Nils’ focus in form work is on the meditative flow of vivid movements, which are created by the changes in the postures of the form. The way of moving and the accurate external form are derived from the functionality of the movements, which are made accessible through practical experience. To spark the imagination of the participants and to develop the joy of learning in a group are at the heart of his teaching.

Time and place

Workshop 1, 17./18. October 2020 – The internal connection: Bringing energy into the sword

Workshop 2, 14./15. November 2020 – The external connection: expressing intention and contacting the partner

Workshop 3, 16./17. Januar 2021 – communicative actions: flow and flexibility

The workshops may be booked as single courses. All three courses taken together form a complete fundamental training course.

Saturday: 15:00 – 20:00 hours
Sunday 10:00 – 15:00 hours

Costs: 160 EUR 

Place: Tai Chi Studio Hannover


Wood swords for fencing may be lent.