Taiji Forum Meeting 2016

Announcement: Taiji Forum Meeting 2016, 12.-14. August 2016, Hanover (Germany)

The 1st Taiji Forum Meeting – an exchange meeting for Chinese Internal Arts – will take place from August, 12th to August, 14th 2016 in Hanover (Germany).
In addition to the registration for the whole meeting (3 days), the registration process for single days (Fri / Sat / Sun) or the weekend (Sat / Sun) is now activated. – Currently, all workshops are still available for pre-booking.

Workshop Program

Logo Taiji Forum 2016Teachers from all over Germany will give workshops and talks in their areas of expertise ranging from Qigong, Calligraphy, Taijiquan and Wushu to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This allows the participants to practically experience the different aspects of Chinese bodywork and to exchange their experiences.
The program features amongst others single workshops in Qigong, Taijiquan and Tuina (Chinese Massage) which are suitable as well for beginners as for advanced practitioners. We also offer the possibility to learn a complete set of Meridian Qigong or get an introduction into the fundamentals of Chinese Calligraphy in in-depth workshops (3 days). These workshops are also suitable for beginners.


The official conference language is German. However, an English translation for the workshops can be arranged on request. If you need help with the registration process or your workshop choice, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: info@taiji-forum.de

More information concerning the Meeting and the framework program including the Gala (in German): https://taiji-forum.de/taiji-forum-2016/

Taiji Forum – The idea

Sword FormThe Tajij Forum Meeting is an exchange meeting for Chinese Internal Arts, where practitioners of the different Chinese Internal Arts (Qigong, Wushu, Taijiquan,…) and newbies meet up to experience new angles of their arts.

The „Taiji“ in Taiji Forum refers to the principle of Taiji, which is represented in the symbol of Yin/Yang. It is the aim of the Taiji Forum Meeting to promote and to explore the various facets of the Chinese Internal Arts: health aspects, martial aspects and philosophical aspects to name but a few.
The Taiji Forum Meeting 2016 focusses on intercultural exchange between East and West; it is a part of the preparation process for a bigger meeting and competition for Taijiquan, Wushu and Tuishou with participants from all over Europe and Asia to be held in Hanover (Germany) in late summer 2017.

Supporting Organisations
The Taiji Forum Meeting 2016 is supported by:
Tai Chi Studio Hannover
Kulturzentrum Faust e.V.
Deutscher Dachverband für Qigong und Taijiquan (DDQT) e.V.
North Sea Tai Chi Festival