Push Hands Yang Skills 4/4 – Exploding / Fajin


Welcome to the final level of Push Hands Yang skills! Fajin is often described as especially hard to do or as having destructive effects on the opponent – two myths that would make it impossible, impractical or at least inadvisable to train this skill with a partner.

Fajin as partner work


In the video, Fabian as partner opts for being soft and protecting himself just enough, that the direction of the action – up and out – becomes visible. Note that he does not give up his basic posture (more or less a ball) which allows him to take the impact as a whole and be pushed backwards quite a bit without getting his structure compromised.

When getting more experienced, we can even play with this. These changes in speed and dynamic make our free push hands so much more fun!

Video Push Hands Yang Skills 4

Want to give it a try and get some extra tips?

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