21st International Push Hands Meeting – Photos, Comments and a big Thanks!

21st International Push Hands Meeting Thanks

21st International Push Hands Meeting – Thanks to our guests

As your feedback was quite overwhelming, we had to take some time to recollect ourselves.
As organizing team, we want to express once again our thanks and our gratitude for having had such wonderful guests. Whether a chair had to be moved or a cup to be washed, there was always someone around to lend a hand. We had a blast on these five days hosting you. You are a joy to be around – and on behalf of the meeting’s teachers: a joy to have as students.

The covid break has been long and many could not proceed with their training the way they had wished for. All the more we are glad to see that the push hands scene is very much alive and we could meet old friends – and make some new ones.

Our mission continues

21st International Push Hands Meeting Thanks

We will do our best to continue our mission to encourage beginners to make their first steps in the wonderful journey that push hands is to us!

So: if you have that one friend that is a Taiji practitioner, a Qigong practitioner, a martial artist, a dancer or a person up to something new – tell them about us!


And for all of you who are active on social media: use the hashtag #welovepushhands for your push hands posts! We are curious about what you are up to during the year!

Save the date – 22nd International Push Hands Meeting

22nd – 26th February 2023

Venue: Tai Chi Studio, Hanover, Germany

We will also be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Tai Chi Studio (and the 50th birthday of someone special) on this occasion! whoop-whoop

We hope to see you there!

Nils, Birgit and Gabi