4 Postures – Having a big frame in yielding

big frame
big frame in yielding

Soft martial arts are supposed to work with unconditional yielding. This roots in the philosophical contemplation that you cannot – and (therefore) should not wish to – control your opponent.

Thus, unconditional yielding – i.e. yielding that does not give your opponent anything to work with – presents itself as the only way.

But what is its use in martial arts? If I try to go out of the way of the incoming force, but crumble my structure, I will not be able to change back into action. Yielding with a „big frame“, however, i.e. an arm structure that covers much space, opens up different possibilities, when my partner overstretches his/her limits. Then I will be able e.g. to pull in the direction of the force of a push or even to push into the opposite direction.

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Big frame in yielding video