Push Hands Yang Skills 3/4 – Expanding


Expanding / Tifang – Push Hands – Yang Skills 3/4

Taking our Push Hands to the next Yang level, we will work on expanding. Expanding is our part in what our training partner or opponent will experience as uprooting movement (tifang).

When our structure is (more or less) well organized, we may begin to add something to it. On this skill level, we will learn to grow, to expand, to sweep our partner off their feet.

❓How to practice expanding? 

Choose a posture 

Beginning with a posture of our choice, we add a bit of volume to it all around: we grow and expand against the floor. Tip for beginners: The first movements of the form may give you some ideas. Perhaps Press and Push are the easiest choices, with two hands active hands, supporting each other as in Press or expanding simultaneously as in Push.

Help your partner

Let your partner apply just enough pressure downwards, into your feet, to help you find the right direction for expanding (outwards and upwards).

Extra: Transfer into free Push Hands

After training in this strict setting, take your expanding skills to the next level by applying them in free Push Hands.

⚠️ Do check your pace during free push hands, especially in the beginning! Too fast means too messy and will not develop your skills. Expanding – and tifang – are a question of timing, not of rushing to surprise your partner. Always practice slowly – and maybe speed up later…

Want to give it a try and get some extra tips?

Come to one of our autumn workshops or join us for the 22nd International Push Hands Meeting in February 2023! Beginners welcome!

Expanding / Tifang – Push Hands Video