Highlights 2023

22nd Push Hands Meeting
Push Hands Beginners Workshop

The highlights 2023

🥳 30 Years Tai Chi Studio 🎉

On February 25th 2023 we will be celebrating 30 years Tai Chi Studio. The party will start right after the Gala in the Warenannahme 🚀. 

30 years Tai Chi Studio

Push Hands Autumn 2023

Shoulder Strike

Beside the Push Hands workshop in Crete Nils Klug will be offering seminars in Italy, south of Germany and in his school in Hannover.

22nd International Push Hands Meeting 

✅ The program of the 22nd Push Hands Meeting is ready!

✅ The registration form is online!

See you soon in Hannover!

🥊 Form and Application Workshops starting January 2023

👀 Curious to start your Tai Chi journey with a fun and cooperative approach? Looking for some active impulses for your Tai Chi training?

Join us for some simple and safe Tai Chi application workshops from January 2023!

All Workshops are suitable for beginners! – Enjoy our especially tailored partner exercises and learn how to develop control of your movements – the intensity is up to you! NO prior knowledge of Tai Chi forms required!

Just ask Nils, if there are any questions.