Tai Chi Application Single Whip, Part II

Application Single Whip, Part II

Application Single Whip, Part II – Video

Today’s Tai Chi posture is single whip, second part. The application can represent a

neutralising and push with the right hand.

✅🧘Tip for form practice:

Add some intention and meaning to your meditative form by executing a slow

empty movement as your arms move back towards your body, followed by an expansive move to take up more space

everytime you make this movement in your form.

Remember: #formfollowsfunction

✅🥊 Tip for practicing application:

Your partner should be positioned in front of you, pushing your right shoulder with their left hand.

You follow the push backwards while drawing your hand back (neutralising and destabilising).

This is followed by a right-handed push to the left shoulder of your partner.

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