Different styles in Pushing Hands

different styles in Pushing Hands

The creative combination of different styles in Pushing Hands

Niki Deistler’s workshops during the 22nd Push Hands Meeting in February 2023.

Three styles, three concepts, three methods

different styles in Pushing Hands

What do seemingly different martial arts such as Taijiquan, Baihequan (White Crane Fist) and Tanglangquan (Mantis Fist) have to do with each other? – Little, one might think. However, one
thing they have in common, is that all three styles use a form of Tui Shou (Pushing Hands), as a training tool.
Many of us practice one style, some of us are involved in more than one, or have at least dabbled in another art here and there. This can be very enriching, but sometimes it can also quickly overwhelm you and entangle you in apparent contradictions.
In this workshop you will learn by means of three examples how you can integrate different styles into “your style” by using Pushing Hands as a bridge in a meaningful and profitable way. To do this, we will analyze basic principles of these three arts and use them appropriately. With this new understanding, we will be able to go new ways independently and in a creative way.
What can you take home from this workshop?

  • Three solo basic exercises, one each from Taijiquan, Baihequan and Taiji Tanglangquan – Three pushing hands methods
  • Three basic concepts
  • Endless variations, ideas and inspiration

Teacher Niki Deistler

Has studied various Far Eastern martial arts since youth. His main focus is Taijiquan and Taiji Tanglangquan (praying mantis style). His main teachers are Masters James Lau Kung King (direct disciple of GM Huang Xingxian), Zhou Zhendong, (lineage holder in Taiji Tanglang in the 9th generation) and Wang Lian Yu (Taijiquan in Yang style).