Pushhands with „Amplifiers“

Pushhands with „Amplifiers“

Pushhands with „Amplifiers“ is the topic of Ronjas workshop during the upcoming Push Hands Meeting.

Workshop: Pushhands with „Amplifiers“

Using a playful approach wherever possible, we will be developing good basic prerequisites for Pushing Hands. We will be exploring our own stability and agility, focusing on direction of movement, effects of movement, and effects of the force of the movement. We will be using „Amplifiers“: Sticks, string, and weights. A further aspect we will be training on that basis is the perception of our partner: the “Ting jing”, the „listening sense“. The interplay of Yin and Yang qualities will become clearer. This will promote a powerful but tender flow of movement in Pushing Hands.

Ronja Jantje Hintze

Carpenter, Occupational Therapist, Taijiquan and Qigong instructor. Works as a Body Therapist at a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinic.

(Tai Chi) Life

In 1999, I went to Asia as a travelling journeywoman. A knee injury was to change the life I had originally planned for myself. In 2005, while still convalescing, I ended up with Angela Menzel at Tai Chi Schule Göttingen. I started out learning Taijiquan.

As early as 2007, I was so hooked that I started my Taiji instructor’s training. Learning and teaching Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Tongbeiquan, Xingyiquan and Qigong have been moulding myself and my professional career ever since. I travelled to China several times to train with the Sha family in Kunming.

I also trained as a Qigong practitioner with Ramona Heister, whose Laoshan Qigong, coupled with the Laoshan Centre’s therapeutic approaches, constitute a great enrichment and complement Sha Wushu.

Video Xingyi Dao – Xingyi Säbel