Tai Chi Alignment

Tai Chi Alignment: From the Feet to the Hips


A basic principle that is inherent to good tai chi practice is that of alignment. By making sure all parts of the body are in an optimum position the practitioner can get closer to efficiency of movement, both inside and of the body. When the body is relaxed and alignment everything that moves through it can do so in a less impeded manner, helping to ensure a free-flow in the qi energetic system, oxygen, blood and nutrients as well as increasing effectiveness in the application of tai chi as a martial art.

With this first film Angus Clark illustrates the importance of creating good alignment, beginning with the connection to the gound, through the feet and up into the hip joints.
Angus Clark is based in Cagfor, Devon, UK where he runs his Living Movement School of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong.

Video “Tai Chi Alignment: From the Feet to the Hips”

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson