1-Minute Grounding

Michael Plötz on 1-Minute Grounding

Micha Ploetz
Micha Plötz

Michael Plötz is based in Hamburg, Germany where he is a professional bodywork who uses a range of skills including, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has studied tai chi chuan for 20 years and works closely with Patrick Kelly www.michaelploetz.de

Grounding is a concept which should be at the heart of everyone’s tai chi training but can often be difficult to achieve. Literally we are looking to establish a deeper connection to the ground, both physically and mentally. With a few simple words and body actions Michael Plötz provides a sense of what it is to achieve this desired state and how it can serve us, not only in our training, but also in everyday life.

Video 1-Minute Grounding

Author: Ronnie Robinson

Images: Ronnie Robinson