8 Health Exercises

8 Health exercises

8 Health Exercises after Sha Guozheng

This set of 8 health exercises doesn’t leave you wishing more: It is easy to start learning and offers quite a lot if you do understand to take the poetic titles of each exercise as your script/direction and let them be unfolded!
Practicing these eight health exercises will develop a comfortable feeling and it´s perfect as preparation for a Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan or Tongbei training following!
Have fun trying it and if you feel like getting to know the family of origin: Join Tai Chi Schule Göttingen on a trip to Kunming!

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Exercise 1: The willow tree swaying in the wind

风 白 杨 流. Feng bai yang liu.

Exercise 2: The celestial are drawing pictures

仙 人 画 图. Xian ren hua tu.

Exercise 3: Embracing the moon to your bossom

怀 中 包 & 抱 月. Huai zhong bao yue.

Exercise 4: The aged monk dancing with the sleeves

老 僧 舞 袖. Lao seng wu xiu.

Exercise 5: The yellow dragon flexing its claws

黄 龙 弹 爪. Huang long tan zhua.

Exercise 6: The lion kneading the ball

师 子 团 球. Shi zi tuan qiu.

Exercise 7: The woodcutter indicating the way

樵 夫 指 路. Qiao fu zhi lu.

Exercise 8: The fisherman casting the net

鱼 夫 撒 网. Yu fu sa wang.

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Author: Angela Menzel, Tai Chi Schule Göttingen – Home of Sha Wushu in Germany

Images: Angela Menzel and Taiji Forum