#MartialMonday 13 – Indirect Force

Indirect Force

#MartialMonday 13 – Indirect Force – Application Press

Indirect force

The mysterious jin energy can be translated as a practice goal: not to use raw power. This does not mean not to use all one’s strength, but to develop a second nature. This second nature uses force in a non-violent way. Non-violent in this context means

  • A way of moving that does not hurt one’s own body, e.g. one’s muscles and bones (as in injuring the back when lifting heavy things the wrong way)
  • A way of acting against the partner that is not hurting him/her in the sense that one doesn’t just punch somewhere really fast or pushes full steam, i.e. without control and respect for the partner‘s bodily integrity.

One aspect of this way of moving and acting is using indirect force.
One of the best movements to show this aspect, both on a small scale and in a big movement is this week‘s application movement „press“.


#MartialMonday 13 - Indirect ForcePress can be used as a movement to uproot your partner.
Your partner just stands in the way, making herself as heavy as needed.

Both hands are in the press position.
The fingers of both hands go up and outwards.

To create indirect force, you need to loosen your arms. Then the elbows will follow. This can be illustrated by using a scarf. The scarf represents the forearms, while the actual arms take the role of the upper arms. The scarf needs to be firm enough, otherwise it will tear apart. At the same time it adapts itself smoothly, producing a little delay.

Dynamic Uprooting

To add dynamic, you might also step in. Take care not to collapse the forearms. A little preparative tension is needed in the little fingers.

Tip: Application workout

You may easily create a Push Hands workout by uprooting your partner again and again until the end of the hall is reached. Then change and back it goes. It is a lot of fun and it also trains your muscles in a gentle way. Try to find your rhythm – work with internal momentum. And the feedback will be instant, if you loose your concentration and start to shove your partner around in a rough way.

Video #MartialMonday 13 – Indirect Force