#martialmonday 11 – Form application – pull

Form application - pull

#martialmonday 11 – With my back against the wall! How should I react? Form application – pull

It is fairly easy: Today, we will work on the application „pull“. The posture pull offers two alternatives: to box and to pull. We will opt for the second alternative as a foundation.

Avoiding two points

Form application - pullOne general rule of Push Hands is: Two points – too late. What does that mean? You should avoid giving the Other two points to touch at the same time. In this case every rotation would be useless – you will be controlled.

So, how to avoid two points? Either by reducing two points to one. This may also by achieved slowly by neutralizing. Or – the second, dynamic option – you take both points away, before they develop.

Taking two points away

To practise, your partner needs to have two contact points on your lower arm, applying constant pressure. The practising party does maintain a minimal basic tension – just enough that s/he does not collapse under the pressure.

Then, activate both hands and pull. Be careful not to pull backwards, but outward.

With your back against the wall

Attention! *fancy move* This works as well in the „classic“ situation with your back against the wall – as the slo-mo shows.

The only difference in the exercise: The pressing partner has to take much more care, not to press endlessly further – otherwise s/he will hit the wall.

Yeah, I tried that – but it does not really work!
Can you give me another hint? Yes, we can! Watch out for next weeks #martialmonday episode.