The preparations for Wang Ning‘s exhibition “Poetry of the lonesome warrior”

Wang Ning‘s exhibition

Wang Ning‘s exhibitionThe preparations for Wang Ning‘s exhibition at the 20th International Push Hands Meeting are in full swing. Ning has just come back from China, where he went to mount his calligraphies. – He has worked for months now to capture thoughts, little verses and poems on paper. Here is a little preview of the exhibition for you…

Poetry of the lonesome warrior

A leaf lifts the cloud of 1,000 tonnes1. wo yuan chen feng hui qu
I wish I would ride on the wind and return back home.

2. yi ye tuo qi qian jun yun
A leaf lifts the cloud of 1,000 tonnes

3. wan li shen lan yi dian lei
The 10,000 mile cloud is like a drop of my tears

4. yi ge xian ren tian di jian
A free human being between heaven and earth

5. qiu yue ci shi zhao wo huan
The autumnal moon shines on my way home

6. wo jiang wang shi dang cha yin
Drink some tea and swallow the entire past

7. wan shi jie bei yu wo ye
Everything is already in you

8. yi sheng hao ru ming shan you
For my whole life I gladly go to the famous mountains

9.yi qie chen jing wan xia zhong
Everything merges in the tranquil sky of the afterglow

10. tian xia mo bu zhi
There is no place under heaven you cannot go to

11. xin dong feng ye dong
The heart moves and the wind also

12. yue ming song xis zuo
Ri chu yun zhong xing

When the moon shines I rest under the pine tree,
when the sun rises I stroll with the clouds.

13. huai bao chun feng nuan
zu ta gap ya shi

With open arms I greet the warm wind of spring,
with both feet I am grounded firmly on the towering cliff.

14. zhu hai liang zi qi
xia ying quan geng qing

Out of the bamboo sea the chill rises,
In the shadow of summer the wellspring flows.

15. tai yang bu yuan luo
yi ye yi bao qiu

The sun does not want to set,
but one leaf already heralds autumn.

16. xue bai qing shan tou
dong zou ping hu mei

Snow whitens the head of the green mountain,
winter folds the eyebrows of the clear lake.

17. yu yu
Universe – Jade-House

18. yi xin gong
One – heart – work

19. The poem of the universe

Form far away you come to this earth,
Thousands of years you conceal yourself
In her depths
Suddenly you appear
In full radiance and gentle kindness;
On your virtue
I build stone on stone
A house
Clouds surround it under blue
With you I wander in eternity.

20. The text of Yi Xin Gong
From nothing I come to this earth
Stars and moon
Accompany me
Step by step
Into the distance.
The way is long,
The water is deep,
The wind drives me with all its force
Toward completion.

21. Sunset
I looked
Into the distance
onto the setting sun
It brought me instantly
Evening joy
I raised my brush
Wanting to capture the moment –
But then a voice came up:
I do not actually like
The setting sun.

22. Fallen leafs
Fallen leafs follow the wind,
Scattered in all directions under the sky,
Some flow away with the water
Never to return.
I gathered some leafs and wrote
My name
With them I wanted to bid farewell
To time itself.

23. Quan Feng
Fist – Wind

24. Jian Ging
Sword – Shadow

25. xin kong
Heart – empty

26. wu xing
Without form

27. qiang chuan
Spear pierces

28. gun Wu

29. dao guang

30. shen you
Spirit roams

31./32. arrangement of seal stamps of all calligraphies

Exhibition “Calligraphies by Wang Ning”

Poem for Wang Ning