#MartialMonday 7 – Use a lightsaber you must!


Have you ever tried sword duelling with lightsabers?
For some years now, we were dreaming about doing a Star Wars fan art film.
Since we got our hands on two light sabers only a few months ago, we really wanted to do it.



But: The light never seemed to be right. – So we had to renovate our studio first…

Now that the new Star Wars film is out in the cinemas, we surely could not find another excuse.

But: What is a film without music? – Luckily, our friend Nils Elders agreed to compose some film music especially for the occasion. Thank you so much!

So here it is: our epic film.

Be prepared for some serious lightsaber duelling!

And may the force be with you in 2020…

Nils and Gabi

Video “Use a lightsaber you must!”

Gallery “Use a lightsaber you must!”